Word on the Streets...

This tote meets all my requirements in a daily-use bag: stylish design, functionality and consciously made. I purchased one for myself and one for my mom, who frequents the grocery store multiple times a week. It has has become her go-to shopping bag and is kept in her car for everyday use. The material makes it super easy to pack fruits and veggies, even fresh seafood. It’s not cloth, so it’s super easy to clean and maintain. 

I go to plant shops once a week and have been looking for a shopping bag that can hold plants/flowers without getting dirty from soil AND is actually cute to wear. I look forward to my first plant shop run with my new Jodi Melissa tote 😀

Customers looove us :-)

I loooove this bag. Super sleek and comfy. Makes me feel so chic while I'm on the go.