Our Story

Discover Our Passion Behind Every Product

Jodi Melissa is an Atlanta, GA-based luxury resort wear company specializing in bringing quality (in our products) to quantity (of women!). The heart of what we do is reflected in the unmatched quality of our sustainably hand-crafted products.

From the signature designs to the material sourcing, our creative process is as unique as each Jodi Melissa woman.

As a Black Woman-owned luxury business, our brand is committed to excellence from harvest to hangar. Jodi Melissa is about making women feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful in their own skin. We offer a robust range of sizes, colors, and patterns to suit every woman’s unique aura.


Our hand-crafted, small-batch, original design resort wear products represent thousands of years of skill passed down from one generation to the next. We take seriously the responsibility of safeguarding these time-honored techniques and traditions.

Join us in the supreme luxury that our one-of-a-kind resort wear brings, and help us keep the art of hand-crafting alive!


Our Why? You, Of Course!

We strive to make timeless, beautiful resort wear of exceptional quality available to every travel-minded woman with a passion for expressing herself. Our team believes in producing products that can be used and styled in a variety of timeless ways; each unique look lasting for years to come.

We take action in reducing consumption and investing in items that feature longevity, are multi-purpose, and can be used every day in ways that positively impact the environment.




Jodi Melissa

Address: Atlanta, GA 30319

Email: chic@jodimelissa.com

Phone: +1 404-345-7979