About Us

Jodi is the founder and ceo of JODI MELISSA. In 2019, she was pursuing her Master of Science in Marketing at Georgia State University when the class discussion turned to plastic waste and single use plastic bans.

Being the fashionista that she is, she immediately thought of an idea to create chic tote bags that are affordable and indestructible enough to use as grocery bags, but luxurious enough to carry as an everyday bag.

 She realized a lot of brands create "shopping bags", but they are way too expensive to actually use for shopping and are also made of materials that do not hold up to heavy use and spills. The JODI MELISSA tote is where luxury meets logic.

The phrase Beach Please on one of the original totes quickly became a chic girl favorite and so the company has evolved into more than just totes to become a luxury, sustainable travel accessory brand. All items are handmade from luxurious, high quality materials such as jute, raffia and mulberry silk.

We look forward to seeing you around the globe looking exxtra fancy wearing us. Travel is our love language and we know it is yours too.




Jodi Melissa

Address: 3747 Vermont Rd Ne, Atlanta, GA 30319

Email: chic@jodimelissa.com

Phone: +1 404-345-7979