Sustainability is evidently 2021’s biggest buzzword, however, unlike the myriads of passing fads, fashion connoisseurs’ demand for eco-friendly products is here to stay. In fact, web searches for “Sustainable Fashion” have increased by 66 percent since 2018, according to Lyst. Sustainable gifts have been dominating our virtual wishlists while Reusable shopping bags have successfully replaced their immensely-polluting plastic predecessors. 

The future of sustainable shopping looks pleasantly bright. Biodegradable bags with natural fabrics reign supreme with more and more earth-conscious shoppers opting for stylish eco friendly products. So, it’s safe to say that the organic segment is set to  become the fastest-growing segment of the market going forward with a compound annual growth rate of 16.2%. Enter: Jute - the most sustainable option for shopping bags.

Bangladesh jute plant - makes sustainable products

What is jute

 Bangladesh Jute shopping bags are the highlight of our eco-friendly products collection for a pretty good reason. Jute (also known as  'the golden fiber' ) is an all-natural vegetable fiber made from the outer stem and skin of the Jute plant. When it comes to sustainability, Jute is hailed as one of the most versatile and eco-friendly fibers that comes straight from the Bengal Delta Plain in the Ganges delta region of Bangladesh.


Warm and wet climates are ideal for its production. It’s been said that Jute requires up to 8 cm of rainfall per week in order to achieve optimal growth and deliver its long, soft, and shiny fibers. Thanks to the humidity and monsoon climate of Bangladesh combined with temperatures above 25 °C, the Jute industry is flourishing.

 Why Jute Reusable shopping bags are the most eco-friendly option?

As mentioned by the Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations “Jute fiber is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.” In fact, this eco-friendly fiber has much more to offer.  A hectare of Jute plants consumes about 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tonnes of oxygen. What’s even more outstanding?  Cultivating jute in crop rotations enriches the fertility of the soil for the next crop. Unlike other plants, when Jute gets burnt, it doesn't generate toxic gases. 

 Blame it on its woody composition that makes it surprisingly durable or simply on the fact that Jute doesn’t need too much water, one thing is certain; Jute biodegradable bags stand the test of time and are exceptionally resilient to wear and tear. Now, if we look at it from a humanitarian perspective, Jute production allows local communities to gain access to new job opportunities while also contributing to their own economic development.

JODI MELISSA Jute Reusable shopping bags

With such a low CO2, water, and ecological footprint, it goes without saying that eco-friendly products made of Jute are the best sustainable gifts to ourselves and to others. JODI MELISSA tote bags is where luxury meets logic - without compromising on style. Our biodegradable bags are made of 100% natural fiber derived from the Jute plant featuring vegan leather handles. 

We offer personalization with the help of our talented calligrapher who hand-paints our custom luxury totes as well. Whether you are looking for luxurious biodegradable shopping bags, enviable beach bags, or lightweight, utterly stylish options to adorn your spring/summer looks, our virtual shelves are at your disposal. 


Written by Konnant